Extended Family Members Application

Extended Family Members ApplicationExtended Family Members Application

You can apply as an extended family member if you’re either:

The unmarried partner of the EEA national and you’re in a lasting relationship with them that’s similar to a marriage or civil partnership

A relative of the EEA national (or of their spouse or civil partner) but you do not qualify as their family member

Relatives include brothers or sisters, aunts or uncles, nephews or nieces and cousins. Relatives can also include grandchildren, parents and grandparents if the EEA national only has the right to reside as a student.

As well as being a relative of the EEA national, one of the following must be true:

Before coming to the UK you were dependent on the EEA national or were a member of the EEA national’s household, and you’re still dependent on them or are still a member of their household

You need the personal care of the EEA national (or of their spouse or civil partner) on serious health grounds

Extended family members must have a valid EEA permit or residence card to stay in the UK.

Your application is considered based on your individual circumstances and you may not be approved for a residence card even if you meet the conditions.


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